Phase 3 of a Profitable Launch: The Sale

The Sale – A big mistake entrepreneurs make when launching is thinking that it’s all about this phase. When in reality, sales become effortless when you focus your time and energy on the
Pre-Launch Magic and X-Factor phases. When these two are great, your offers basically sell themselves.

Your only real aim for the ‘sales phase’ is to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible – which usually comes down to making it simple.


When The Sale Goes Wrong

The other day I wanted to buy a product I was really interested in. I loved the values of the company and was excited to support them. But as soon as I tried to make a purchase, I experienced one problem after another followed by a feisty email response from the company’s customer service. This made me lose all interest in buying from them, and I could have been a lifetime customer.

I’m sharing this no-names-named story in hopes you don’t make the same mistakes in your business.

Invest in a good system and make sure it is a really smooth experience for your clients. You would be surprised how many people abandon their carts because of a technical difficulty or error.


Test It – And then test it again…and again

Biggest tip: Test the entire checkout cart process multiple times.

Here are some things to look at:

  • Purchasing from different browsers?
  • Purchasing from different devices (phone, tablet, computer)?
  • Using different payment types – PayPal, credit cards?
  • Entering and using coupons?

Live and die by this rule: You want the checkout process to be so simple your mother could do it without calling you.

What to include:

Overall I think people need to just relax and simplify when it comes to this phase – but here’s a list of basic things to include on your checkout page:

  • Name of what they’re purchasing and quantity
  • Couple of bullet points about what they’re purchasing
  • Testimonials
  • Terms and conditions
  • Guarantee or return policy

If you want the easiest platform to build checkout pages and one-click upsell funnels, check out SamCart. Their templates include all of the must-have checkout page elements and are really simple to use. {You can try SamCart 14 days for free here!}

Remember: Sometimes even though you’ve done everything right, they still don’t buy.

So, you got your soulmate client to the sale piece, they have gone through your pre-launch magic phase, then the X-Factor, they’re mentally ready to work with you BUT… they just can’t afford it or they are just fully booked solid. So what’s next?

Honestly, don’t stress about it. They have their eyes on you, they’re following your work, and as long as you keep nurturing them, they’ll think of you first when the time is right for them.


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