Picture this: You’re walking down a busy street when a hand reaches out and stops you. 

A woman that you’ve never met before stares you down and says, “You HAVE to go see my new movie, Strangers on a Street… it’s a new horror film out in theaters right now and it’s the BEST!”

I’d imagine you’d be a little flummoxed, if not downright confused and scared.

Now picture yourself hanging out with your girlfriends over margaritas and guacamole (mmm delicious). 

Your BFF, who you know is a cinephile and is always up on the latest and greatest movies and knows you love comedies, says, “You HAVE to see that new comedy that’s out, Friends on a Couch. I laughed for hours and I know you’ll love it. I’d even go again to see it with you.”

The chances you’re going to find yourself in the theater watching Friends on a Couch in the near future? QUITE GOOD.

That’s the power of affiliate marketing and getting other people to share your courses.

Instead of only being able to scale your launch with paid ads and cold traffic (and being that rando on a crowded street telling people about your course), you’ll have tons of BFFs sharing your message with their audiences.

It’s worth it to create a stellar affiliate program that offers great commissions to your partners, and if you’re interested in learning how to find that sweet spot %, listen to today’s episode!


How to Create A Compelling Commission Program for Your Course Launch

Listen to Episode #8 to hear:

  • [02:43] Three things about paid advertising that I don’t love 
  • [04:27] Two reasons paying great affiliates beats paid advertising (although I do believe you need both to scale)
  • [06:13] A powerful perspective shift around affiliate commissions (or why I love affiliate marketing so dang much)
  • [08:57] Why calculating a payout percentage you feel good about is realllllly important
  • [09:31] How to calculate your expense per unit* using data from your last launch… and why you want to know that number!
  • [12:01] The super innovative commissions ladder my client Selena Soo is using for her Impacting Millions affiliate program this year
  • [14:05] My recommendations for an easy commission % decision

*Total Launch Expenses / Quantity of Units Sold = Expense per Unit

After you listen, I’d love to know…

  • Have you paid out affiliate commissions before? If so, what percentage did you pay? If not, what % do you think you’ll pick?


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