High Touch Service in No-Touch Times with Elaine Lou Cartas

I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode where I talk to Mike Watts — entrepreneur, speaker, and dad. He and his wife, Kate Northrup, have built a multimedia digital empire that supports ambitious women and helps them light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. 

I first met Mike in the summer of 2014 in a little coffee shop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I was a health coach and people were asking me for advice on what probiotics to take, so we were meeting because I had signed up to be on his and Kate Northrup’s USANA team. Since then, I ended up moving to Maine and now I live about 20 minutes away from his family!

Whenever you see Mike in person, he’s most likely surrounded by women. Clearly his wife, Kate, and their 2 adorable daughters, but in general Mike tends to run in the online business circles dominated by powerful women. 

Mike’s a good friend and I know him to be both traditionally masculine and someone who can hold space for and express emotions, so I was really excited to dive into these topics with him! Plus, our conversations are always just so much fun… you never really know what you’re gonna get 😉

Listen to hear us talk about masculinity and femininity, spirituality, and showing up for others (as well as ourselves), including: 


  • [3:38] Why Mike writes at least 3 pages in the morning when he wakes up
  • [5:10] How Mike got into the woo side of things
  • [6:50] On meeting his mentor Jonathan Bud and learning online business
  • [8:10] How Mike got into debt problems earlier in his life
  • [12:16] How I define and relate The Divine with creation
  • [16:35] How Mike overcame an illness by looking inward
  • [20:10] How being connected with each other has got to do with our work
  • [22:40] On slavery being still inside the DNA of people today
  • [26:06] How Mike presents himself to his family and other people
  • [31:13] Mike and I discuss showing up at home
  • [37:55] On Masculinity and Femininity  
  • [40:20] How the COVID-19 Pandemic affects us 
  • [42:40] I read Mike’s tarot cards
  • [47:10] Mike’s “made it” moment  

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