Back in February of 2018 I hopped on a strategy call with Tiffany Neumann. 

She was a partner for one of my clients, Selena Soo, and since I was running the partner program we were going to strategize about her promotion.

My whole goal with strategy sessions is to create a roadmap to your goals, so that when you promote something as an affiliate you feel confident in your plans and good about combining elements of your brand and the brand you’re promoting.

Anyway, I remember Tiffany saying that she was super new to the online business world but wanted to hit a big milestone for that promotion. 

I knew she was a brand strategist who worked with top companies like Burt’s Bees and FedEx in the corporate world, but I’ll be honest… I kind of hesitated when she told me her goal and then told me how many people were on her email list. It was tiny. “Hmmm, okay…” 

I’m very happy to say that Tiffany freaking blew that promotion out of the water… and she did it all using personal outreach.

That’s Tiffany’s style. Extremely relationship-driven (ahem, like myself) and all about the personal touch.

Since that time (when I doubted her and will NEVER do that again!!!)… we’ve grown to be colleagues, mutual clients, and great friends. 

In fact, we spend literally hours on Zoom calls every single week because we have clients in common, she’s a student of Rock Your Affiliate Program, and I’m a student of her Legacy Brand Transformation. It’s a win-win-win all around 🙂 

She’s the #1 person I trust when it comes to branding. And it’s not just because she’s so nice, or because she proved me wrong.

It’s because the brands she creates LAST. They are truly about creating a legacy that you can both embody and is also bigger than you. I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode and get some of her wisdom when it comes to branding!

Listen to us jam out on branding, relationships, and how investing in both will help you and your business feel more aligned…

  • [04:10] How Tiffany became the go-to brand expert for influencers like Selena Soo and other high-level entrepreneurs and the key to Tiffany’s success
  • [06:13] What is branding to Tiffany (and why is it beyond visuals) 
  • [07:51] One of Tiffany’s favorite quotes as it pertains to branding (and how people perceive you) 
  • [08:10] What you always need to be thinking about whenever you’re showing up somewhere, whether online or offline
  • [10:07] How creating a legacy brand saves you time and money
  • [11:36] What to do if you’ve outgrown your brand and creating a “branded system” and the only time Tiffany recommends not making your brand an extension of you
  • [14:30] What Tiffany sees in me and my brand and what sets me apart from others who are talking about affiliates and partnerships
  • [14:55] Why it’s just as important to repel people as it is to attract them, and why it’s imperative to get clear on your values
  • [17:10] How Tiffany has taken branding — something that’s so personal and individual to a business — and created a group program with her Legacy Brand Transformation
  • [20:20] What Tiffany thinks are the biggest mistakes that people or businesses make when it comes to their branding
  • [24:28] Tiffany’s favorite visual brand hack or tip
  • [26:55] Why Tiffany almost didn’t sign up for my program, Rock Your Affiliate Program
  • [30:58] How to know when you’re ready to create a legacy brand

If you are a business owner and have ever thought about creating a brand or rebranding yourself, click here to listen!

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