I was at a media event in NYC with some of the top influencers in the entrepreneurial space when I was introduced to a guy named Mike. At first, I’ve gotta say I was a little intimidated. Mike works with TOP players, from people like Todd Herman to Amy Porterfield, helping them launch and automate their funnels.

Then we started chatting and he was literally the nicest guy in the world! Hanging on the rooftop bar with him and his fiancé, he started to tell me a little bit about how he came to be one of the most sought-after marketing strategists and his story blew me away. He’s a TOTAL launch rebel since he didn’t even have a working website when we started chatting!

I’m super excited for you to listen to today’s episode. Especially if you’ve always wanted to work with top players but aren’t sure how… or if you have an agency/high-ticket done-for-you service that you’re wondering how to promote.


Mike Heiser and Creating 7-Figure Launches


What we talked about:

  • Mike shared his view on how to prioritize your tasks.
  • Mike’s registration pages convert 40-60%. He shared his biggest tips for creating an effective landing page.
  • Page aesthetics – do they really matter?
  • Mike listed the things that he would love to see you have in place before your initial conversation.
  • Mike shared the story of how he got into the business of launching. (It’s pretty incredible!!!)
  • He shared his behind the scenes tips or secrets we often have misconceptions about.

Fav Episode Quotes:

“The big pieces are way more important than the little details. What’s going to have the biggest impact? Knock that out first.” – Mike Heiser

“Done is better than perfect, don’t compare yourself to massive launches.” – Mike Heiser

“Get the DIY parts up and running and then build upon that later.” – Mike Heiser

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Action Plan:

  1. Tell us in the comments below, what a-ha moments did you have in this episode?
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  3. Don’t forget to grab Mike’s amazing offer right here!


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