Today I want to talk about some of the common (and less commonly defined, but no less important) roles to have in place before you launch!

I want to be clear… your first launch, you were probably ALL of these people. But now that you’ve gained some traction, it’s time to get clear on what each person should be doing.

We’ve also broken it up into ROLES because sometimes someone will take on multiple roles at first, but this should help you get a sense of all the areas where “doing” needs to occur 🙂

**Strategic Planning/Ideas -> Who is going to map out all the dates? Who will decide on any pivots needed mid-launch

**Content: Writing/Design -> Someone to write/create all the elements for the launch, script the video series, write emails, craft ads and social media posts

**Tech/Operations -> Someone will also need to hook up all the technology, load the emails into your email service provider, test everything to make sure it’s working, setup the webinar or upload videos

**Customer Service/Community -> Who is answering questions, supporting people in the support inbox and all your new students?

Affiliate Management -> If you’re going to have affiliates, you need to have someone dedicated to managing that whole piece because an affiliate launch is a whole launch beyond your own internal marketing.

Paid Advertising -> If you’ll be running paid ads, this is another key area for support during a launch.

Important: Make sure that you have an owner of each of these roles, even if you only have 2 people on the team who are dividing the work between them. That way when something goes wrong, which it will, someone can take charge to troubleshoot and lead the way to resolution.


What Team To Have In Place Pre-Launch

Listen to Episode #6 to hear:

  • [01:54] The importance of team roles and ownership, regardless of team size
  • [02:29] Main Role #1 Overview: Strategic Planning & Ideas
  • [02:58] Main Role #2 Overview: Content
  • [03:44] Main Role #3 Overview: Tech & Operations
  • [04:22] Main Role #4 Overview: Customer Service & Community
  • [05:09] What thinking about your launch from the eyes of an 8-figure entrepreneur can do for you and your business
  • [05:49] Main Roles Recap
  • [06:12] Bonus Role #1 Overview: Paid Advertising
  • [06:23] When you want to hire a dedicated paid advertising manager
  • [06:51] Bonus Role #2 Overview: Affiliate Management
  • [07:28] When you want to hire a dedicated affiliate manager


After you listen, I’d love to know…


  • How many of these roles are you currently filling yourself?
  • Is it time for you to hire for any of these roles?



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