One of my favorite tricks to uplevel + grow my business is to put on my CEO panties before I even feel ready. It takes “fake it till you make it” to a whole new level… because you’re actually acting as if you have a massive biz, which means you get there quicker.

One area in which most business owners could toooootally up level to CEO status instead of wantrepreneur?

The legal side.

Before I met Lisa, I always wondered why anyone would ever want to become a lawyer. Can you say… booooring!

Then we got to chatting and she was such a fun, bubbly human! I knew instantly we were going to be friends, and this feeling only deepened after we met at a café for a “quick chat” and ended up staying hours and hours :-O

We decided to work together so she could help me put together my very first client agreement and after our initial call, I seriously couldn’t believe how light + happy I felt. Like what, I just talked about laws + contracts for an hour and I’m smiling?!

I love her take on legal documents… having them in place made me finally feel like I was in charge of my business (and I kid you not, I had my best month ever up till that point – RIGHT AWAY).

Let’s dive in so you can hear for yourself… you’re especially gonna wanna pay attention if you:

  • Have no legal docs in place even though you’re a business owner. WHOA RED FLAG!
  • Are kinda scared of the law and have no clue about client agreements, terms and conditions, and disclaimers
  • Want to up level your biz in a way that feels really good and not only protects your clients but also you + your $
  • Have spoken with a lawyer before but didn’t understand any of their “jargon” and basically pretended to know what they were talking about (slash felt like they totally didn’t understand or care about you/your biz)

Lisa Fraley and Making Legal Easy


What we talked about:

  • Lisa helps entrepreneurs legally protect their business by teaching them that legal steps can be simple and not-so-scary and they can protect their work!
  • Traditional lawyers are often viewed as unapproachable, scary, and expensive. Not Lisa!
  • WOW – over the past 5 years she’s given away over 2,600 free legal chats. That’s over 1,500 hours. When starting in business, it’s ok to give freebies.
  • Lisa breaks down answers to the most frequently asked legal Q’s.
  • Clarity is a gift for you and your client. Lisa discusses the importance of being on the same page from the very beginning.

Fav Episode Quotes:

“My approach as a lawyer is to bring love into the law.” – Lisa Fraley

“When you protect yourself with legal docs, you protect yourself and set your boundaries. You keep the power. – Lisa Fraley

I had to shift energetically to a place where I’m just calling in people who are ready for this work. – Lisa Fraley

“The gift of the clarity is for both you and the client so you’re both on the same page right from the start.” – Lisa Fraley

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Action Plan:

  1. Tell us in the comments below, what a-ha moments did you have in this episode?
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  3. Don’t forget to grab Lisa’s super generous offer right here! (Use the code: REBEL)


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