You don’t know me but I’m here to flip the script on Launch Rebels Radio this week! I’m Whitney and I’m the project manager for Team Sprinkle.

I’ve been following and admiring Laura pretty much since I discovered the world of online entrepreneurism. I’ve worked with her through her group programs and I’ve also been fortunate to work 1:1 with her, too!

Laura Sprinkle is the reason I was able to walk away from my 9-5 job and re-launch my business to actually work from home successfully and make the income I need to provide for my family.  

So, I’m kind of geeking out – totally fan-girling – about how I am able to be a part of bringing Laura’s awesomeness to YOU today.

Y’all. I got to interview Laura for her podcast! Woohoooo!

And it’s good stuff. Really, really good stuff.

‘Tis the Season for preparing for the new year ahead. This episode will be music to your ears because Laura totally takes the often daunting idea of launching and completely flips it upside down for us! It doesn’t have to be scary or hard or incredibly complicated. Yes, you can move into 2018 with a new excitement and true joy for launching!

You’re going to want to take a listen and hear about:

  • How Laura went from launch zero to launch hero
  • Laura’s beautiful launch philosophy
  • The 3 fears we have as humans and how to make them your launch fuel
  • What it takes to have a successful launch


Laura Sprinkle and How to Launch


What we talked about:

  • Laura’s journey from teaching health and wellness to becoming a launch strategist and working on 6 and 7-figure launches
  • What Laura’s definition of launching is and why it’s different
  • Why launching doesn’t have to be a huge output of energy
  • How launching can be an incredibly powerful personal transformation
  • The 3 main fears of every human being and how to make them your fuel.
  • How her signature program Launch Rebellion prooves that launching does not have to be cookie cutter
  • How overwhelm is a soul-meter and how to use it to your advantage

Fav Episode Quotes:

“It was through struggling to launch and struggling to make sales that I fell in love with launching.” – Laura Sprinkle

“Anything can be made into something exhausting and boring. And on the flip side of that, anything can be made into a beautiful, loving experience and one of service.” – Laura Sprinkle

“When you can combine the how-to tutorial stuff (tech, strategy, pieces fitting together) with emotion support, you get this magical space where it feels good no matter what. That’s what I provide through Launch Rebellion.” – Laura Sprinkle

“We can be successful despite of our limitations.”  – Laura Sprinkle

I thought a launch had to be a huge output of energy. It doesn’t. Click To Tweet

Action Plan:

  1. Tell us in the comments below, what a-ha moments did you have in this episode?
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  3. Learn more about Laura’s signature program that will actually make you launch – like, for real! – right here.


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