I was at a fancy media networking event in New York City when I heard a woman stand up and say into the microphone, “People love taking their clothes off in front of me.”

Everyone in the room turned their heads, jaws open, riveted as to what she would say next.

She had said it so nonchalantly, in answer to a question about what set her business apart from the rest.

That woman’s name is Alannah Avelin and I’m SO excited for you to listen in as I talk to her about what exactly it is about her that causes people to want to get naked when they’re around her… literally, figuratively, and spiritually.

I love talking with her when I feel stuck in my business because it feels like we’re taking off layers of outer crap/nonsense and going really deep into what I truly want to create in the world.

Basically – you want Alannah on your side when it comes to business!


Alannah Avelin and Brand Culture


What we talked about:

  • Culture: What do people FEEL when they walk away from a conversation, engagement or experience?
  • Public Persona vs. Personal Persona — mesh them to be aligned.
  • If there’s an incongruency between a personal culture and the brand culture they created, it impacts business in a negative way.
  • Alannah’s secret for making networking events productive and successful.
  • Why people love taking their clothes off in front of Alannah!
  • Why less really is more and simplifying to get your point across in one or two sentences instead of one or two paragraphs.
  • We don’t have to do what’s trending. We don’t have to do what’s out of alignment just because it’s a trend. (Hello launch rebel!)
  • Lessons from Alannah’s biggest flop which cost her over $5k and countless hours of her time!

Fav Episode Quotes:

“I built my business on building really strong relationships. I have a really, really strong referral base” – Alannah Avelin

“People are sensitive and they will know if there is an inconsistency or an incongruency and it does break trust. – Alannah Avelin

We’re liberated by our ability to pivot anytime we want and to create whatever we want. – Alannah Avelin

“When I set my intention, I become a magnet to the people and experiences I’ve energetically set myself up for.” – Alannah Avelin

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Action Plan:

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