I just did a quick Google search on “moms and getting paid.” This is the first headline that came up from CNBC: First-time moms see a 30% drop in pay. For dads, there’s a bump up.

My daughter was born in April 2018, Over the course of the next year, my business revenue doubled… as did my pay. I also gave myself 3 months off when she was born.

Becoming a mama DOES NOT need to sidetrack your business. Listen in to hear how it actually helped me grow mine 🙂

  • [04:25] How I went from not wanting kids (since age 11!) to having major baby fever and getting pregnant with no financial planning around bringing a new human into the world. 
  • [06:07] The book (that I couldn’t even afford at the time) that changed my life and business, taking me from negative profits to growing my profits by over 150% and helping me actually save for my 3 months of maternity leave.
  • [07:11] Why getting pregnant was a huge stepping stone for my business 
  • [08:28] How I went from working 80 hours a week before I had my baby to significantly less time and the tools that help me grow in spite of it.
  • [11:04] The second (and really important thing) that has changed my life way beyond business since becoming a mother. Seriously, if you take nothing else away from this episode, listen to this.
  • [12:07] Why I believe that “sacrificing” as a mother is the wrong way to go, and what I feel we should do instead as mothers to help raise strong children who feel important. 
  • [13:00] How motherhood has given me mega-clarity on how I want to spend my life.
  • [15:19] What part of my business I’ve recently cut (even though it made up roughly 92% of my revenue).
  • [16:04] How a local parenting organization taught me something I never knew I needed, and how that realization has transformed me as a mother and me as the CEO of my business. 
  • [18:51] Why having fun and being silly with Cadlee has helped me become a more intuitive person

If you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or are already a parent and you’re worried that your business will suffer,
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