If you know me, you know I believe that creating a partner program is one of the best ways to scale your business.

On our last episode of Launch Rebels Radio, I talked with publicity strategist and marketing expert Selena Soo about how to create an epic partner program for your next launch. 

This week, I’m continuing the conversation about the benefits of a strategic partner program with Gabriela Pereira, author, speaker, and self-proclaimed word nerd, whose signature program is called DIYMFA 101. 

Gabriela is dedicated to challenging the status quo of higher education and empowering writers around the world to think like entrepreneurs and treat their writing like a business.

In this episode, we dive even further into the benefits of having affiliate partners for your next launch — including a huge benefit that you’ve probably never thought about — building audience trust through your affiliate program.

Building Audience Trust Through Affiliate Partnerships with Gabriela Pereira

Listen to Episode #019 to hear:

  • [00:46] Why Gabriela decided to create an affiliate program for her DIYMFA 101 course and the results she had
  • [02:13] Why Gabriela started with just one affiliate and how it gave her the confidence to create a bigger affiliate launch (plus the results of that launch!)
  • [04:10] Why Gabriela is so selective when choosing affiliate partners and what she looks for during the recruitment process (including one big mistake she made early on)
  • [05:20] Why nurturing your relationships is so important and what Gabriela sometimes does before making that first big ask
  • [06:34] Gabriela’s unique approach to the recruitment process and the three types of people she encounters
  • [08:28] The shame within many industries around making a commission and how Gabriela flips it around and uses affiliate promotions to gain trust with her audience
  • [09:58] One thing Gabriela loves to do when she’s an affiliate for others to make it a win-win for her audience
  • [11:32] How Gabriela gets magazine advertisements without purchasing ad space up front
  • [15:15] How to measure the success of individual partnerships to determine if they are worth continuing to invest in
  • [15:57] Where Gabriela goes to find quality partners to promote her program (and why consistency is important)
  • [18:27] What Gabriela looks for when deciding whether to promote someone else’s work
  • [20:20] Why sending your audience to someone else rather than creating something yourself can be a great thing for your business

I know you’re going to love this conversation as much as I did!

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Mentioned In This Episode:

  • DIYMFA.com – Write more, write better, write smarter.

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