I have a problem with the woo community, and trust me, I consider myself to be pretty freaking woo. 

My problem is this: Most of the advice around manifestation is BS. 

Let’s talk about what actually works.

I know you’ve got big goals. Let’s look at how to bring those visions of success alive. 

We’re getting up close and personal with what it means to act like you’ve already got what you want, and what that looks like, specifically, for you.

Because a vision with no action remains just a vision — something to look at and think nice things about, but nothing real to hold on to. 

My brand of manifestation absolutely requires action and agency on your part to produce real results.

I see so many people get hung up on manifestation, as if believing in it releases them from having to do anything to make it happen!

And yes, for the record:

  • I do believe in energetic attraction and vibrational matches.
  • I do believe that whatever is in my highest and best will come to pass.

That does not, however, mean that I can just sit around and wait for it to happen!

Magic must be made, my friends! Not waited for.

So listen along as I mine the wisdom and expertise of my own 7-figure clients who are doing the work to bring their big visions into existence. 

I can’t wait to hear which one you’ll try first!



How to Become a 7-Figure Business Owner Before You’ve Made the Money

Listen to Episode #4 and to hear my take on the following:

  • [2:00] My fave thing about myself!
  • [3:46] James Wedmore’s “Be Do Have” concept (and how you can apply the “Be Do Have” concept to YOUR goals!
  • [5:07] My go-to example of manifestation in action
  • [5:45] The secret to set-it-and-forget-it goal creation 🙂
  • [7:52] What I call a random-ass buzzword (and a little guidance in making it more meaningful to you…)

And then listen in for these things that all my 7-figure clients do:

  • [8:27] They take action, quickly. They don’t just talk about ideas, they have deadlines and put things into motion. All of my 7-figure clients do this (and now so do I!)
  • [10:29] They ask for (the right kind of) help. They have well-chosen teams, they ask respected colleagues for advice, they seek out the support of powerful coaches. Not only do they ask for help, the help they seek is expert and qualified. Asking for help has required a big mindset-shift for me, and it might for you, too. But every single one of my 7 and 8-figure clients have learned to do it, and so do we!
  • [13:29] They are always learning along their growth edge. Like my client Selena Soo, who is really introverted and used to be afraid of showing up on camera. She overcame her fear by continually challenging herself, and she’s gone from avoiding live camera work at all costs to doing Facebook lives, video messages, and speaking at live events.
  • [15:51] They are willing to set goals and launch. They set big goals, they do big promos, and they take all the risks that come with taking bold action. Like my friend Kate Northrup, who unintentionally illustrated her message to consistently take “imperfect action” in an Instagram post by giving the wrong link and then saying the wrong day in her Instagram Stories! It was hilarious and so, so inspiring.


  • [18:17] My “accidental” coaching clients, the big expectations I have of them, and why I have to walk that talk, too


After you listen, I’d love to know…

  • Who do you need to be — right now — to be the person who already has the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business?
  • Which success habit will you adopt to help you be the person who already has what you want?
  • Where have you been waxing poetic on an idea but not really taking the action needed to see it through?


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