Last week I started this Season of Launch Rebels Radio talking about how my big word for Q3 (this quarter of the year) is LEADERSHIP. 

As I’ve been exploring how to be a better leader, I’ve been listening to podcasts on the topic and a recent one prompted me to explore the question: What does winning look like to you?

In this episode, I pull back the curtain a little on what winning looks like to me, for myself, my body, mind, and spirit. 

It feels deliciously selfish to think about and share with you… because it’s quite true the saying that you absolutely cannot pour from an empty cup (we’re not living at Hogwarts!). So tune in to discover how living for MYSELF and making sure that I’m personally winning, has affected all areas of my life in such a positive way.

I’m super passionate about this, and I can’t wait for you to dig in, too!

What Winning Looks Like to Me

Listen to Episode #2 to hear some of my biggest aha moments and personal shares, including:

  • [1:36] As the visionaries of our businesses and our lives, we need to define what winning looks like for us as humans before we define what it looks like for our businesses
  • [1:51] As we’re growing our teams or communities, if we don’t have that guiding light for ourselves, they won’t have it either… which means they won’t know how to win because we haven’t told them yet!
  • [2:55] What winning looks like to me, personally 
  • [5:42] The case for being a little selfish
  • [6:23] Why showing up as a friend is a win for me (and how it’s actually showing up for myself, too!)
  • [7:30] Why asking for help is a win for me (and the newest area I’m focusing on)
  • [8:59] How I’m showing up as Leader Laura professionally in new, rockstar ways (and how awesome it’s been!)
  • [12:33] In order to show up as leaders, we need to be leading first — in our lives… as humans… with bodies… doing big work that requires big energy!
  • [15:18] Embodying my values in how I lead my team (checking in before anyone gets burned out!) 

If you want to get crystal clear on what winning means to you and why, you’ve got to check out this episode!

After you listen, I’d love to know…

  • What does winning look like to you in your personal life?
  • What actions can you take toward your personal wins this week?
  • What have you stopped doing since you started your business that is important for you to start up again?

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