Ahhh Launch Rebels!! I’m SO excited to be back in the podcast seat for Launch Rebels Radio (LRR) Season 2, after over two years away!! I can hardly believe it. 

In this first episode, I’m setting the stage for the season to come by giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it means to be a leader in the entrepreneurial world.

Since 2016, I’ve followed the 90 Day Year system to set my quarterly goals, and this quarter my theme is LEADERSHIP. My company has been growing like cray-cray, in a good way, and I’m committed to doing it intentionally.

Permission to Be a Leader

Listen to Episode #1 to hear some of my recent big a-ha moments, including: 

  • [4:46] The importance of leading by example (which seems obvious, but revealed something unexpected…)
  • [5:45] One of my biggest mistakes as a leader and how I turned it around (Hint: You’re looking at part of that how right now!)
  • [6:40] The power of keeping appointments with yourself (or not)
  • [7:28] How working on your business is a way of honoring yourself, your team, and your community
  • [9:18] I also share my new personal motto — to “live life as a permission slip.”
  • [13:12] As well as my company values (and why you need to know and share yours, too!)

If you want to see what it looks like to start before you’re ready, you’ve got to check out this episode!

After you listen, I’d love to know…

  • What do YOU want to be a walking, talking permission slip for? 
  • Did this episode give you any clarity about one thing you want to STOP doing and one thing you want to START doing?
  • Are you a parent? Has that influenced your desire to lead by example? (or has something else?)


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