Are you already spending a lot of time on Facebook? In groups? Posting updates? Scrolling your feed?

Um… me too! And I used to get down on myself about it until I thought, “Why not incorporate this into a strategy that can help your business?”

I promise it’ll be a lot more interesting (and profitable) than ending up on your cousin’s dog’s friend’s Facebook page. (What? Never!)

I love how easy Facebook Live is to use. There’s no barrier to using it – anybody can go on there, for free, and build a massive and engaged audience. Heck yeah!

Plus – Facebook loves Facebook Live (not exactly a huge surprise) and likes to reward those who use it by giving them extra organic reach to their followers.

But my favorite thing about using Facebook Live? It’s like an express pass for growing your know, like, and trust factor with your tribe. They see you on camera, hear what you really sound like, and get to engage with you in a 2-way conversation.

There are two main ways to incorporate Facebook Lives:


Show up exactly as you are whenever the mood strikes. This means that if you’re wearing yoga pants and a messy bun – you’re willing to show up like that and let your followers into your real world. Anything goes (or, maybe, almost anything)!



Make it an event. Alternatively, you can make an event out of it. Schedule it in advance, let your tribe know where and when it’s going down and give yourself some time to prep.

Either way works… as long as you’re actually hitting live and showing up. You could even do a combo of these.

What’s the best way to leverage Facebook Live to grow your tribe? Here are my fave five tips for getting the max ROI for your efforts!

(1) Include a Call-to-Action

Whenever you’re doing a Facebook Live, choose a single call-to-action to include. If your tribe is watching that means they’re engaged and more apt to take action…they just need to know what it is you want them to do! Whether it’s leaving a comment or checking out your latest blog post, make it clear and concise.

(2) Frame your Videos

Framing is such an easy way to improve your Facebook Lives.

It starts by creating and using a consistent intro for your Lives. Maybe start by saying who you are, letting people know what you’re going to talk about, and warming up the crowd while waiting a bit for more people to join.

Then, when you’re finished, answer questions, summarize what you talked about, and have a signature sign-off.

(3) Let Your Tribe Know in Advance

I LOVE that you can schedule your Lives ahead of time and create an event out of them. Plus, you can send it out to your list and let them know when to show up.

This technique creates a beautiful balance of nurturing your existing peeps while growing your tribe at the same time. A sort of infinity loop of awesome.

As an added bonus, Facebook will show your Live to more people because more people will be watching it live. That’s confusing but basically, sometimes more = more. Win-win!

(4) Relax

It’s important to allow yourself to relax. A lot of people get really stressed about the whole live on camera thing even before they’ve hit that Go Live button.

So if you find yourself getting worked up about the idea of going live, jot down some notes, take a deep breath, and hit that button. You will survive and you might just have a ton of fun in the process. 😉

(5) Ask for what you want

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want… whether it’s more hearts and likes, shares, or comments. People are more than happy to accommodate and support you. They showed up for you, after all!

Bonus Tip – Just get started

If you’re wanting to try Facebook Live but feeling nervous, just start.

Tell a few friends how they can support you in your first few (a.k.a get their butts on there and give you some digital love!). Even if they aren’t the best work you’ll ever do, you’re going to improve with each one. And to be honest: no one cares as much as we think they do.

Your tribe just wants to connect with you. So give ‘em the good stuff and Go Live, baby!

Take Action

Try you first Facebook Live! Or if you’ve already experimented with them, choose 1 of these tips to incorporate for the next 3 weeks. Then let me know how your engagement + list growth skyrockets 🙂

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