High Touch Service in No-Touch Times with Elaine Lou Cartas

Are you a YES person but feeling overwhelmed with everything on your plate and want to say no to projects coming your way? Or if you’re feeling a little scared and not sure if you trust your gut about a big decision in your business, this episode might help you explore that more so you can make the right decision for you. 

I just went through my own process around this because we’ve been getting ready for our big launch next month and I just canceled it. Even though it was projected to be the biggest revenue driver of the year. 

I was excited and a little nervous about this episode because I’m giving you a peek as to why I made this decision. 

I can’t wait to show you behind the curtain and share my thought process on why I’m cancelling my 6-figure launch of Rock Your Affiliate Program.

Listen to hear why I made this decision, and what we’re doing instead, including: 

  • [01:12] The big decision I made for my business and what we’re giving up in the process
  • [02:02] The question I want you to ask yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed and considering a similar decision in your business
  • [02:35] A disclaimer when listening to this episode
  • [04:09] Why questioning your decisions isn’t a bad thing, but what you should do before executing on the decisions you make
  • [04:40] Why this decision in particular was SUCH a huge decision for me and my company
  • [04:54] What I envisioned when I created Rock Your Affiliate Program back in 2019
  • [05:24] What Rock Your Affiliate Program is about and how we applied our own system to our launches to 4X our revenue
  • [05:56] How many affiliate partner invites I sent out before canceling the launch (oof!) and what we had already done as a team to get ready for the launch 
  • [06:20] Why I felt the launch was rushed and that we were cutting corners on the very system we created, and the one we teach others
  • [07:05] Something I see and hear more times than you’d think when it comes to people and their affiliate programs
  • [07:42] My goal for 2020
  • [08:02] Why cutting corners on partner programs also means cutting corners on relationships
  • [08:38] An example on where we were cutting corners (in case you can relate)
  • [09:43] I reflect on how exactly the decision to cancel the launch came about
  • [10:50] Our big goals for 2021 with our program
  • [11:25] A role-playing exercise I recommend if you have a big decision to make in your business
  • [12:38] The beautiful, unexpected thing that our alumni students have been asking us for that we now have the space to create
  • [13:25] Why we wholeheartedly believe in building in-house partner teams versus outsourcing to an agency
  • [15:15] What we’re focusing on for the rest of 2020 
  • [15:58] What I’d love to invite you to think about for the rest of 2020 for you

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