High Touch Service in No-Touch Times with Elaine Lou Cartas

I’m excited to rescue this interview with business coach Jenny Shih from the 2017 archives! It’s such a good one if you’re a service-provider and want to sell more of your services or launch an offer that you can scale. Because the great thing about 1:1 services is that you don’t need to create a huge product or have a big launch to inject quick cash into your business. 

Jenny Shih is a fantastic coach who helps her clients start, grow, and streamline a successful online service-based business without working a ton of hours or make huge sacrifices. Her philosophy is rooted in making money doing work you love while also living a life you love. I know you’re going to love this conversation.

Listen to hear how you can sell and scale your 1:1 services, including:

  • [01:13] Jenny shares exactly who she helps and why she prefers to work with service-based business owners 
  • [03:08] What you need to think about when launching a service as opposed to launching a digital course
  • [04:56] The first thing you need to do when selling a 1:1 service  
  • [05:51] The second thing you need to do when selling a 1:1 service
  • [07:26] The third thing you need to do when selling a 1:1 service (and how to do it)
  • [09:17] Jenny shares what she started out doing and how it evolved into the work she does now
  • [09:51] Jenny talks about the point at which she knew she needed to turn her 1:1 services into a group program 
  • [10:26] Jenny shares how she quit her job (and how much she was making in her business at the time… the answer may surprise you!)
  • [12:59] How a $99 bite-sized offer can be the catalyst for creating a successful business
  • [13:37] Jenny shares a story about a client who hit 6 figures in just 12 months by starting with a bite-sized offer
  • [15:08] How to break beyond the bite-sized offer mindset if you get too comfortable or successful with that offer
  • [16:53] Examples of some “out of the box” types of businesses that Jenny’s worked with that have been successful
  • [18:42] How Jenny answers the question, “What do you do?” to strangers on a plane
  • [20:08] Why it’s ok to not appeal to the masses with your services and how that can work in your favor
  • [21:25] Why Jenny doesn’t embrace the “hustle” mindset, and what her personal philosophy is in her life and business
  • [24:01] How far in advance Jenny plans her launches
  • [27:59] How Jenny launched her program for the first time with a sales page and one email (and why you don’t need a mega launch to make money)
  • [30:36] How to bring fun into your business
  • [35:30] Final words of wisdom from Jenny

If you have a service-based business and want to learn how you can take it up a notch and get more clients, click here to listen!

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