High Touch Service in No-Touch Times with Elaine Lou Cartas

I’m so excited to be diving into one of my favorite topics — creating an affiliate program for your digital course.

Today I’m going to be talking about 5 reasons you should at least consider creating an affiliate program to reach more people and make more money with your digital course. 

For those of you who don’t yet have a digital course… whether you have 1:1 services, small group programs, or you offer 1:1 coaching, a digital course may be a great next best step for you. It’s a great way to leverage your time and reach more people. 

In this episode, I talk a little about why a digital course might be right for you, and I give you 5 reasons why you should create an affiliate program for your digital course.

Listen to hear how you can reach more people and bring more revenue into your business, including: 

  • [1:50] How I created a 6-figure business using referrals and partnerships
  • [2:41] The moment I decided to work with a digital course to serve more people
  • [4:09] Reason #1 for adding an affiliate program to your digital course
  • [4:23] I share exact numbers and results (revenue, # of partners, and # of subscribers) to have my biggest launch to date
  • [5:17] How you can make more money without spending more upfront
  • [6:42] Reason #2 and my favorite reason for creating an affiliate program for your digital course or work
  • [7:03] Building relationships with other people in your industry that can be your partners as well
  • [8:00] Reason #3 and how this can make you a “celebrity” in your industry and how that can help your business
  • [9:55] How affiliate programs can make you more intentional with your plans and goals
  • [11:00] Reason #4 and how this one can make your life easier
  • [12:34] Reason #5 and my second favorite reason for creating an affiliate program for your digital course
  • [14:29] Why I believe partnerships can heal the world
  • [18:28] I share details of my program called Rock Your Affiliate Program 

If you want to scale your digital course with the help of affiliate partners,, click here to listen!

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