If you’re an online course creator, you’re going to want to listen to this episode with my friend Billy Bross. 

Billy is an online education expert who has helped course creators from a wide variety of niches like computer programming, trail running, sign language, healthy eating, 3D printing, and many more. He started out teaching people how to brew their own beer. Then went on to teach people how to turn their knowledge, passions, and skills into a thriving business. 

I went back to the recording and took lots of notes, and I know you’ll want to as well. So grab a pen and paper, a glass of something yummy, and dive in!

How to Turn Your Knowledge into a Thriving Business

Listen to some of my favorite aha moments including: 

  • [02:11] Billy shares the difference between creating an online course and an online education company and the direction he sees online education going
  • [03:15] The surprising thing that got Billy started in his online education journey
  • [04:32] Some of the interesting niches Billy’s clients are in, and the craziest niche he’s worked with!
  • [06:34] How Billy niches down, even though he serves a wide variety of clients in a variety of niches
  • [07:42] The most important elements for having a successful launch (including what he says is the most often overlooked element)
  • [10:45] Why Billy left the home-brewing business, and why what he’s doing now is so fulfilling to him. 
  • [13:06] The biggest mistake Billy sees people making when it comes to online courses
  • [16:48] What changes Billy sees on the horizon for online courses
  • [20:13] Billy’s #1 piece of advice on what online course creators can do to get better results for their students
  • [23:14] What not to do when it comes to your programs and student success
  • [26:24] How to piggyback on messaging that’s already happening in your industry while keeping your own unique voice.
  • [33:13] Billy talks about the most important thing with selling online courses and shares a free gift he’s offering about the marketing activities you can do that are big needle movers in your business.
  • [34:34] Billy’s final piece of advice for listeners.


If you’ve ever thought about creating an online course to teach and connect with likeminded people, click here to listen!


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