Hi! I’m Laura Sprinkle.

If you can’t already tell: I love dance parties, making new friends, and coffee.

In some alternate universe, I probably run a breakfast blog while white-water raft instructing part-time.

In this lifetime, I’m an Affiliate Program Strategist who worked with hundreds of clients like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Selena Soo, and other big names) to generate over $33 million in revenue with their affiliate programs.

I also created a course, Rock Your Affiliate Program®.

And then started a tech company, Rootabl™, which is the first affiliate platform built specifically for course creators.

I believe in interconnected systems of wealth. That’s a fancy way of saying: We can all win together.

My approach to affiliate partnerships works (makes money, is joyful, feels amazing) because it’s human-centered. I call it the Quadruple Win:

1. Creators Win – Creators get to grow their business without needing to pay up front for ads or spend all their time creating content. They’ll reach more people and make more revenue through trusted referrals.

2. Affiliates Win – Affiliates make money without needing to create or fulfill a product, they learn behind-the-scenes marketing and sales, and support people and products they care about.

3. Communities Win – People find out about new products that can really help or delight them! And they’re often given extra incentives or bonuses on their purchase through affiliates at no additional cost.

4. The World Wins – In the world of referrals, you better believe that products need to be good to be worthy of being referred. Which means these offers create ripple effects of positive change around the globe.

If you’re interested in my support with your own affiliate program, here are some ways we can work together:


Rock Your Affiliate Program®

Enroll in my on-demand course for all my templates and video trainings to set up and run your affiliate program. Also includes 3 months of Rootabl!

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Become a Founding Member of Rootabl and get an 11% discount on our plans to use Rootabl for your affiliate tracking software.

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Deep Dive Session

In this 90-minute session, we’ll strategize your profitable affiliate program for the quarter. Then I’ll send you all my templates to take action on what we map out! Best paired with BIG goals 🙂

Sign up here.

Want to be internet friends? (Or maybe even someday… real friends?! I’m even weirder than I seem online.)

> I love reading. Mostly fantasy series and some historical fiction. I’ll pop open a personal development or business book on occasion but at some point they all sorta sound the same (or you can gather 90% of the value from reading the title).

> I’m always down for an adventure. In particular if it’s something I’ve never tried before and most especially if it’s a little taboo. Rafting? Trips to hidden places on no-one’s bucket list? Pleasure prayer in public? Death ceremonies? Sign me up!

> My motto is that life is an experiment anyway. Might as well try the things and experience as much of it as possible

> I’m the one my friends call when they want to really follow their dreams. When they’re going against logic and instead following their gut intuition, and want a friend to say, “I love that for you.

> I’m mama to the sweetest, silliest girl. She’s six. We’re on a years-long quest for magic powers that requires weekly trips to the woods to see fairies and bring them offerings of pinecones and stories.

> I’m a Projector, Enneagram 7, ENFP “The Campaigner”, 9 Quickstart, and sun in Taurus, moon in Leo, and Venus in Gemini. 

> I like to write stories about my life and business. People tend to like said stories when I get around to sending them to my email list. So if you’re interested, sign on up!

Despite having been an affiliate of some of the biggest names in this industry for a decade, I had never felt as well taken care of as I did by Laura’s partner assets. These resources made being an affiliate ridiculously easy and inspired me to promote way more than I would have without them. These asset templates are GOLD!

Kate Northrup-Watts

Kate Northrup-Watts

Author of Do Less and Money: A Love Story, Creator of Relaxed Money, and Host of the Plenty podcast

I’ve been running businesses online for 18 years, and Laura Sprinkle’s affiliate strategies are the most powerful at engaging partners, creating insane momentum, and ultimately producing huge revenue wins.

If you want your partners to feel like they’re empowered with great assets and more importantly taken care of, Laura has the system. It doesn’t hurt she’s one of the bubbliest, fun, and kind people to have in your corner of the world.

Todd Herman

Mental Toughness Coach, WSJ Bestselling Author of The Alter Ego Effect & Creator of 90 Day Year®

If you don’t have an affiliate program yet, you are definitely leaving money on the table.

If you implement even a small part of what Laura shares, it’s going to massively aid your business. I highly recommend you work with her.

Selena Soo

Publicity Strategist & Creator of Impacting Millions®

p.s. You’re really cute today.

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On-Demand Training: How to Grow Your Revenue with Referrals on Repeat

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On-Demand Training: How to Grow Your Revenue with Referrals on Repeat

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