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S2 Ep. 006: What Team To Have In Place Pre-Launch

Today I want to talk about some of the common (and less commonly defined, but no less important) roles to have in place before you launch! I want to be clear… your first launch, you were probably ALL of these people. But now that you’ve gained some traction, it’s time...

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S2 Ep. 003: What Winning Looks Like To My Company

Last week I brought you behind the curtain of what winning looks like to me, on a personal level, and why it’s so important to know that before you define what winning looks like for your company.Now that I’ve gotten that cleared up for myself, this week I’m inviting...

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S2 Ep. 002: What Winning Looks Like to Me

Last week I started this Season of Launch Rebels Radio talking about how my big word for Q3 (this quarter of the year) is LEADERSHIP.  As I’ve been exploring how to be a better leader, I’ve been listening to podcasts on the topic and a recent one prompted me to...

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S2 Ep. 001: Permission to Be a Leader

Ahhh Launch Rebels!! I’m SO excited to be back in the podcast seat for Launch Rebels Radio (LRR) Season 2, after over two years away!! I can hardly believe it.  In this first episode, I’m setting the stage for the season to come by giving you a behind-the-scenes...

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Ep. 009: Laura Husson and Creating a Website That Works

I’m so excited to introduce you to an incredible woman with one of the best names ever... Laura. 😉 Laura Husson is a rockstar entrepreneur and after meeting her in person (and touring around the Las Vegas strip together), I knew that I wanted to showcase her unique...

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Ep. 008: Camberley Woods and Mastering Facebook Live

When I opened a detailed Google Doc sent from Camberley 24 hours before I interviewed her, I knew this episode was going to be badass. As someone who typically flies by the seat of my pants when it comes to most things - it’s like landing on solid ground (in the best...

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