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Write A Welcome Email That Wins Hearts

Let's say you're on vacation at the beach, and you've got a mega-hankering for some ice cream. You walk down the boardwalk and, lo and behold, it appears that there is an incredible ice-cream shop right in front of you! The sign outside is super cute and...

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How I Doubled My List In 30 Days

I wasn't making any money.  At the beginning of my business, there had been a pretty good flow coming in as I tapped into those I knew who wanted to support me {Thank you! You know who you are!}. Until it became painfully obvious that those same family +...

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5-Steps To Creating a Tribe Magnet That Converts

Have you ever tried to create an opt-in but weren't sure people would like it or want to download it? To be clear... an opt-in, freebie, lead magnet, {or what I like to call} tribe magnet is something you offer people, often for free, in exchange for their...

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Questions + Answers: Finding a Mentor

I get a lot of messages + emails asking for help and advice and sometimes they're so thought-provoking (and I spend such a large amount of time + energy answering) that I know I need to share with more people. One such request for help came my way last week and I knew...

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I’ve missed you!

Do you have the kind of friends where you can go months and months without speaking, but then you see each other and you can pick up exactly where you left off? I bet you do, because you're awesome and you probably have awesome friends, but even if you didn't - you do...

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