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Profitable Launch Phase 3: The Sale

Phase 3 of a Profitable Launch: The Sale The Sale - A big mistake entrepreneurs make when launching is thinking that it’s all about this phase. When in reality, sales become effortless when you focus your time and energy on the Pre-Launch Magic and...

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Profitable Launch Phase 2: The X-Factor

Phase 2 of a Profitable Launch: Your X-Factor   Growing your email list isn’t your top priority as an online entrepreneur. I know, blasphemy, right? While it’s definitely true to a large extent that, “the money’s in the list,” - it’s also true that...

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Profitable Launch Phase 1: Mastering Pre-Launch Magic

Phase 1 of a Profitable Launch: Mastering Pre-Launch Magic Let’s deal with this elephant in the room straight on... People tend to get a little bit freaked out by the idea of launching. But the truth is that launching is just running a business. Your...

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How to Schedule Your Facebook Live for More Views

I received lots of questions from readers on this post: How to grow your tribe with Facebook Live about how to schedule their Lives in advance + the best resources for creating amazing livestreams. So I decided to create a tutorial and give you a list of...

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Growing Your Tribe With Facebook Live

Are you already spending a lot of time on Facebook? In groups? Posting updates? Scrolling your feed? Um… me too! And I used to get down on myself about it until I thought, “Why not incorporate this into a strategy that can help your business?” I promise...

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3 Steps to Finding the Vibe of Your Tribe

I say it all the time - your vibe attracts your tribe. As a business owner, the people you attract to your business are so much more than just another number or subscriber on your list. Each one is a real person to connect with. It's a brand...

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